TERRA-TECH revised Web


launches New  website   ttmi

on the 1st September, 2011

We provide information about

Environmental Measuring System

and Equipment, Forest Mensuration,

Tree Diagnosis / Inspection Systems

as follows.

=====  Contents  =====

◆Environmental Measurement

Apogee Instruments:

Quantum Flux Meter MQ100/200

Ecomatik GmbH:

Dendrometers, DR,DD,DF,DC,DV

Equitensiometer, EQ series

Sap Flow Sensor  SFL

and Data Loggers.


CP402 Cone Penetro0meter

Spectrum Technologies:

Chlorophyll Meter CM1000,

Soil Cone Penetrometer SC900

Opti Sciences:

Chlorophyll Meter CCM200

Konica Minolta :

Chlorophyll Meter



Plants Stress Detecting Glasses


Laser Technology Inc. : TruPulse(R) 200

Laser Hypsometer,

BAF scope/Dendrometer

Criterion RD1000

MDL : LaserAce (R) Survey LA2D/ LA3D.

Opti-Logic: Laser Hypsometer LH series.

Nikon: Forestry 550 Laser Hypsometer.

Carl Leiss GmbH:

Blume Leiss Altimeter BL-6

Relaskop Technik :

Spiegel Relaskop(R)Dendrometer


TREE METER(Sektor Fork)

KVH Industries:

Rangefinder/Digital Compass


Haglof Sweden AB:

Ultrasonic Hypsometer VERTEX 4

Vertex Laser Hypsometer VL402

Mattson Increment Borer,

Digital Caliper Digitech,

Electronic Clinometer


Wheeler Pentaprism Caliper

Other Supplies:

Increment Borer Cleaning Kit

Increment Borer Sharpening Kit

Increment Borer Core Holder

◆Tree Diagnosis System

Argus Electronic GmbH:

PiCUS(R) Sonic Tomograph

PiCUS(R) Electronic Impedance Tomograph

PiCUS(R) Qinetic System

PiCUS Caliper


Tree Decay Detector

Resistograph F/PD/ED series



DmP Tree Decay Detector

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TTmi 09012011V

TERRA-TECH,INC. Tokyo Minoru Inoue launches new webpages TTmi on 20110901.
article : Measurement of Globe, Soil and Plants, how we measure plants.

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TTmi Blog Launches

TERRA-TECH,INc. Tokyo launches new website TTmi on 1st september alternative website for http://www.ttij.com//EN/

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Key Words: Forestry, Environmental Measurement, Soil and Plants
Arboriculture, Inspection, Survey , Way of living on the Earth etc.

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